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Predictable Sales

Drive sustainable business growth by taking charge and leading your company toward success.

If it seems like you have a seemingly endless list of things to do just to keep your business afloat— not to mention growing—then good news! You’re in the majority of business owners who are simply doing what they can to stay on top of it all. But it’s not a process that allows you to get a clear, predictable view of your business’s profitability.

That’s where the Growth Accelerator comes in.

Our Growth Accelerator is a guided process to:

  • Audit your current marketing strategy

You need to audit your marketing strategy regularly to ensure that it is still effective and aligned with overall goals. A marketing audit is a comprehensive review of a company's marketing activities, including their target audience, marketing channels, messaging, and results.

  • Identify bottlenecks, opportunities, and the metrics that matter

There are things that are holding your business back. There are also opportunities that have not been taken advantage of. Knowing both of these things will help you identify exactly what needs work and what is needed to create predictable growth.

  • Develop an action plan to improve strategy and double your sales

Growth requires a specific plan. Our step-by-step process will help create that plan so you can execute fully. With the right plan, growth is not just possible, it becomes predictable and scalable.

3 Phases of the

Growth Accelerator

Our process has three distinct phases to ensure your growth has the best opportunity for lasting success.

The Build Phase

Get a holistic view of your current marketing processes with our proven frameworks, and begin to identify key areas for optimization

The Build Phase of our Growth Accelerator contains 5 distinct parts to help create an overall marketing strategy that will help your business achieve 2x or more growth. This phase is strategically designed to help identify the key areas that can make the biggest impact on your business.

Sales growth achieved using Kyrios Systems

90 Day Marketing Gameplan

It can be very difficult to move forward until we have looked into the past. In this session, we reflect on the past, present, and future 90 days, and develop a “focus 5” to get your business in line with your goals.

Here we will do business with the past. We focus on uncovering bottlenecks and opportunities. Discover the “hidden” talents in your business. (You don’t want to fix what isn’t broken.)

Ideal Customer Profile

Get laser-focused precision on your ideal customer, and what drives them to convert. This is all about clarity. Many businesses have more than one ideal client profile (avatar). In this session, we will Clarify WHO you serve. We will clarify WHAT value you deliver. We will also recognize and document difference between avatars that your business targets in order to start building the ideal ways to find them, talk to them, and convert them into customers.

Customer Sales Journey

This is the single most important document that 99% of businesses fail to use. You must know clearly how customers are created. You can’t optimize what you haven’t documented. In this, we will help build out the sequence your ideal customer takes as they interact with your brand.

Just like you wouldn’t ask a man or woman to marry you the first time you meet, you shouldn’t do the same with your potential customers. Sequence is critical! This will become your company’s flagship framework (literally everything else will reference this document).

Growth Scorecard

If you don’t track it, you can’t measure it. If you can’t measure it, you can’t optimize it. In this session, we will identify the key metrics that affect how you’ll get your business to scale. Here, we will also start to build out your customized scorecard to track where you are on the path to your growth goals as well as to easily see when changes or tweaks need to be made.

This will help identify and break through bottlenecks in the Customer Journey. It also helps to establish a data-driven culture focused on constant improvement. This will be your secret to avoiding “shiny objects” (and focusing on one stage at a time).

Bottlenecks & Opportunities

The goal here is to recognize any key bottlenecks or opportunities that are apparent in your marketing strategy. Every business has things that slow it down. It is important to identify those things and develop strategies to offset them.

As well, many businesses suffer from shiny object syndrome. Not every idea is a good idea and not everything that can be implemented is in the best interest of the business. Our focus will be both looking at how to offset the deficiencies of the business as well as analyze which opportunities are the best opportunities.

Team using Kyrios Systems to plan their marketing strategy

The Optimize Phase

Using our tailor-made tools, we will optimize the Convert and Excite stages, turning more of your leads into sales!

The Optimize Phase of our Growth Accelerator focuses on 2 main things: optimizing the systems and opportunities you already have in place as well as implementing new strategy based on what was developed during the build phase.

AH Ha Accelerator

The Ah-Ha Moment is when the true, core value “clicks” with a customer, transforming your product from a “nice to have” into a “must-have.” Here, we will begin to identify your customers’ “Ah-ha” moment that gets them excited about what you have to offer.

Customers don’t ascend to buying your core product or service unless they’re excited. The Ah-Ha Moment is what is used to determine entry-point offers that will help them ascend to become customers, repeat customers, and referrers for your business. This is a massive opportunity to deliver tangible value to your customer.

Predictable Sales Process

In this, we develop a process to convert customers in a predictable and scalable way. Here, we are optimizing the conversion stage (which is typically the greatest leverage point in their journey).

This will help make revenue more scalable and predictable by building the “Perfect Offer” with triggering events, helping them feel like it is their idea, and using ideal sales conversations. (No more proposing on the first date.)

Growth Opportunities Leverage Canvas

This session will help us define, rate, and prioritize different opportunities within your marketing strategy using the 4 Growth Levers.

Acquisition: Generate more leads and sales

Activation: Convert more leads into trials/demos/sales

Monetization: Expand revenue from existing customers (upsells/cross-sells)

Retention: Increase consumption and reduce churn/refunds

Big 3 Planning Canvas

The Big 3 Planning Canvas is a tool we use to create a specific, measurable action plan to improve 3 key metrics that will help scale your business.

It will help align everyone to the same goals and objectives. We will also identify key, critical metrics that must be impacted during this period as well as identify 3 core projects that must be completed to impact both the key metrics and the company goal.

The Accelerate Phase

Review your progress and continue to scale using tools and tactics tailored to your business’s needs

In the Accelerate phase, it is time to dig in deeper and start to scale based on the results of the Build and Optimize phases. During this phase, we will pull from our arsenal of over 20 playbooks and 73 different tactics to help accelerate the growth of your business based on where you are at that point. This will help alleviate bottlenecks and take advantage of opportunities in the market.

Sales growth achieved using Kyrios Systems

Acceleration Playbooks and Tactics

Here Are Just A Few Of The Playbooks And Tactics We Can Pull From

Bullseye Traffic Bracket

Similar to brackets used in sports tournaments, the Bullseye Traffic Bracket is used to determine specifically what are the top 5 sources of traffic that can bring the most awareness to your brand right now with the most effectiveness.

Revenue Maximizer

Higher Annual Contract Values (ACVs) equal higher margins. In lay terms, this means the more money you get from your customers, the more profitable those customers are for your business.

Higher customer value means you can spend more to acquire customers and make more profit at the same time. It also means that you can spend more to serve and support your customers increasing customer loyalty, retention, and referrals.

Core Message Canvas

Messaging is EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE! With the Core Message Canvas, we simplify and clarify the core value proposition of your business. When completed, this will give you the messaging that will resonate with the target audience that you can use across all marketing, all platforms, and in all of your efforts that will help develop and deepen connections and relationships with your target market. This will set you apart from every other business in your industry.


Not everyone can participate

The Growth Accelerator program is included as an option within Kyrios Marketplace for members of the Kyrios Core platform.

The Growth Accelerator program is included at no extra charge for members of Kyrios Grow With You or Kyrios Mastery plans.