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Most platforms are a blank canvas...

And that's the problem for busy business owners...

Does your business feel like a blank canvas, staring back at you with endless possibilities but zero brushstrokes? The marketing tools are a paint splatter, the automation options a baffling palette, and you're left wondering where to even begin.

You're expected to do more than just take care of customers

You have to find them, take care of them, provide service, run your business, deal with finance, HR, legal, and everything else that comes up!

Who has time to build sales funnels, create lead magnets, write sales emails, nurture prospects, etc.?

Let's face it... this stuff can be expensive, time-consuming, or both.

  • According to The Funnel Teacher, a very basic funnel can cost as little as $1,000, but can go up to as much as $50,000 or more depending on the complexity.

  • According to Email Vendor Selection, the average cost for building and maintaining a nurture campaign for email marketing is around $2,500 per month.

  • According to Upwork, the average cost for building a quality lead magnet is $1,000.

  • According to SMA, the average cost to build a workflow automation can be as low as $500 to as much as $30,000 each depending on the complexity.

Many of our members have been asking the same question...

"How much more simple could things be?"

While Kyrios is already getting rave reviews, it got us to thinking about how right they are!

We are constantly adding features and updates to the platform to help you grow your business, reduce overload, and recapture some of your time.


What would it be like if you had the ability to have some of the stuff taken off your plate automatically?

And that's where the idea for Business-In-A-Box was born!

Kyrios Business-In-A-Box is your pre-loaded easel and vibrant paintbrush set, ready to transform your blank canvas into a masterpiece of growth!

Forget the frustration of starting from scratch! Kyrios Business-In-A-Box offers all of Kyrios' powerful features, from email marketing and social media management to CRM and analytics, pre-configured for your specific industry. Think of it as a studio filled with top-of-the-line tools, all meticulously arranged and ready to unleash your creative masterpiece.

Here's how Kyrios Business-In-A-Box lets you skip the line and jump-start your business growth:

Business-In-A-Box Contains


All of Kyrios' Powerful Features

Get access to the full-featured platform that helps you put your business on auto-pilot.


Pre-Built Funnels

No need to spend hours sketching funnel blueprints! Kyrios Business-In-A-Box provides industry-specific funnels, pre-designed and ready to go. Simply add your logo, tweak the colors, and watch the leads roll in.


2 Years of Nurture

Not every customer buys on the first impression. Kyrios Business-In-A-Box comes with over 96 emails and 24 text messages pre-written for your industry. These nurturing campaigns gently guide potential customers from blank canvas to captivated art collector, ensuring you never lose touch with a lead.


Customizable Lead Magnet

Forget generic marketing magnets that stick to just anyone. Kyrios Business-In-A-Box gives you a custom lead magnet tailored to your industry and audience. Simply add your logo and you're ready to go.


Custom Workflows

Time is your most precious canvas space. Kyrios Business-In-A-Box streamlines your workflow with pre-built automation sequences. Schedule emails, trigger follow-ups, and manage leads on autopilot, freeing you to focus on your creative magic. Imagine having a tireless studio assistant taking care of the mundane tasks, letting you create your vision uninterrupted.

Faster Growth, Easier Than Ever

With Kyrios Business-In-A-Box, growth isn't just a dream, it's a paint-by-numbers reality. Pre-built tools, automation magic, and industry-specific insights take the guesswork out of marketing, letting you focus on what you do best – creating a phenomenal brand experience. Imagine your business blossoming with each brushstroke, attracting the right audience and watching your sales figures climb like a vibrant masterpiece.

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