6 Ways to Increase Your Business by 250%

June 15, 20223 min read

There are tons of articles and courses online on how to increase your business. Lots of these offer complicated concepts and processes that get my head spinning. In all the years I’ve been building and running businesses, I have found that there are lots of complicated parts to business, but more often than not, success and growth boil down to the simple things we do consistently.

There are 6 micro-actions that you can take in order to increase your business 250% or more:

  1. Clarify – Who are you and where are you going? What are your unique gifts and talents? What are you most passionate about? Without clarity, it is easy to become confused and lose focus. Business is often more about laser focus than it is shotgun-style approaches. Getting crystal clear on who you are, what you’re doing and why you’re doing it will help you focus on the parts of the business that are imperative for growth and weed out daily minutia.

  2. Do 5 Before 11 – Before you leave each day, write down five high-value activities you can complete as a priority before 11am the next day. More often than not, we tend to get so bogged down with all of the things that may be urgent but not important that we don’t get to the important tasks. By focusing down on the most important things and completing them first thing in the morning, growth becomes easier and will almost feel automatic. Don’t let the small, unimportant things get in the way.

  3. Increase Your Daily Activity Level – Determine what percentage you want to grow your business and increase your daily activity level by that amount. Often our marketing and sales activities get put on the back burner for other tasks. By increasing focus on marketing and sales activities as well as how much you want the business to grow, you will begin to create activity that will lead to revenue.

  4. Meet More Clients and Prospects Face-to-Face – Clients want to build relationships and friendships with us. Business is more often relational than transactional. How can you increase your face time with your clients and prospects? As well, how can you continue to grow relationships in your business between times that you meet with people?

  5. Widen Your Network – Networking is something that most new businesses will start out doing and then over time slack off until often there is no more networking being done. What events can you attend to build your network for your business? Who can you talk to and build a relationship with that can become a center of influence for you? How can you leverage your existing relationships? Ask three people you know to write down the names and numbers of 25 people you can call over the next five weeks.

  6. Increase Your Personal Competency Level – One of the first rules in leadership and business is your business will never get better until you get better. Everyone has an invisible lid on their growth and until you bust through that lid, your business cannot grow. What additional skills, knowledge, technology or people do you need to put in place to expand your business?

By consistently and deliberately completing these micro-actions, you should begin to see increases in your business almost immediately.

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