Children Make Great Entrepreneurs

January 15, 20233 min read

Children make great entrepreneurs which can help them learn important financial, business and life skills. These skills will help them throughout their lives. Children’s minds are unpolluted by the limits the limits that we place on ourselves, leaving them open to learning new concepts. By putting these concepts into practice, it isn’t hard to understand just how quickly they adapt and become great in their area of interest. The fears that are found in a lot of adults when starting a new business venture is, in general, not found in children.

You see a lot of children learning ways and methods for starting their successful business. How many times have you heard “if I had this much money I could buy that?” Their minds are beginning to churn with ideas for how they can make the money that is needed. They begin to think like entrepreneurs and can be very creative coming up with some unique ideals to grow.

We are always hearing about how some child is making their goal a reality. They get excited and when this happens those around them get excited. This is important to helping them grow, strengthening the learning process, and helping children to be successful in business as well as life. One example, Cameron Johnson started his business at age 9 by age 12 he sold his sister’s beanie baby collection for a $50,000 profit. By the age of 15 he was the youngest American to be elected to a Tokyo board of directors.

Another example of a child becoming a successful entrepreneur is Henry Patterson. This young fellow, at the age of 7, started his business using horse manure. Yes, you heard right, he sold bags of manure provided by the family horse. This UK child entrepreneur, at the age of 9, planned his sweet shop, which has proven to be a huge success.

This may seem strange but great imagination and lack of fear allows these children to build upon their ideals. Gabrielle Jordan is another child that is known for her jewelry creations that started out with her watching a YouTube video on making jewelry at the age of 8.

Children, in most cases, are highly underestimated in what they say or think about starting their own business. Take a look at one child, Makaila, that started at the tender age of 4 in Texas. The product is “Me & the Bees Lemonade.” The family encouraged Makaila to enter a Children’s Business Competition. This was the start of a budding business. This young entrepreneur, Makaila, was on her way to success with encouragement from family and friends. They continue to grow today with a website, Facebook page and other social media.

As parents, we must play an essential roll in the development of child entrepreneurs for them to be successful. Encouragement, understanding and guidance are necessary to success. This can be difficult because seeing them as a child and as a potential successful business owner just doesn’t compute. Encouraging and listening to children helps them to feel free to open their minds to new ideals.

Children make great entrepreneurs. Many successful business people started their enterprise as children. Encouraging and listening to your child is one way to help them dream, learn, and succeed. Another wonderful way to encourage them is programs such as Entrepreneur University which is offered to children from the eighth grade through high school.

Entrepreneur University sets the building blocks for growth and excitement. These types of programs are offered for the homeschooler or anyone that wants to educate themselves for business. There are a variety of resources available to help children learn and grow.

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