​Learning to Pause Allows Growth to Catch Up

October 14, 20211 min read

Reflection turns experience into insight. Every experience can be a learning experience it’s all about your perception. Every person needs a time and place to pause. Pausing requires intentional planned time. Pausing with intention expands and enriches thinking. The thought process is simple instead of saying “Boy, I am glad that’s over”, say, “What can I learn from that?”

As leaders, we always are looking for ways to improve. Two questions we frequently ask ourselves and each other is “What went well?” and “What could we have done differently?” Good questions are at the heart of reflection. In business, it is often the difference between success and failure.

Asking the right questions to get the right answers is the key to understanding. Here are some personal awareness questions:

  • What is my biggest asset? This is usually a mental asset.

  • What is my biggest liability? This is usually an attitude or habit.

  • What is my highest high? This is usually an emotional response to life.

  • What is my lowest low? This is also an emotional response to life.

  • What is my most worthwhile emotion? What emotion drives you to the most success?

  • What is my least worthwhile emotion? What emotion limits you the most?

  • What is my best habit? The secret to a person’s success is found in their daily agenda.

  • What is your worst habit? What chronic behavior or feeling most limits you?

  • What is most fulfilling to me? What makes you say, “I was made for this?”

Remember the key to reaching your potential is seeking to know yourself.

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