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Kyrios Built An Entire BUSINESS-IN-A-BOX Just For You!

What would it be like if you had everything you need to get started with more leads and efficiency in your business today?

  • Pre-Built Funnels

  • Workflow Automation

  • Lead Magnets

  • 2 Years of Email and SMS Nurture

  • NEW AI Assistant - Booking/Sales Bot

Join Today And Get This Incredible Value:

Pre-Built Funnels

Start generating leads faster with pre-built funnels that are ready to add your logo and company info to.

Customizable Lead Magnet

One of the easiest ways to generate leads is to give something of value. We've written a guide for them to download.

2 Years of Nurture

Not everyone is ready to buy right now. 96 emails and 24 text messages written for your business will get them there.

Custom Workflows

Time is what most people don't have. We built customized workflows just to help you recapture much of it.

There Is A Serious Problem Today

As a business, it is easy to get overwhelmed...

There is a lot going on for a business. Customers, employees, HR, sales, processes, customer service, finance, software, marketing, equipment, planning, and the list goes on...

Add to that, it seems like every time you turn around, someone is telling you that you have to have another piece of software to do this or that, something else to learn, something else to take your time away from what you do best...taking care of customer needs.

With so many platforms, each one comes with a learning curve just to get started and THEN you can start setting up what you need in long as it does what you actually need. Or you end up paying someone ridiculous amounts of money to help build what you need.

This is, at it's core, why we built the Kyrios platform. The idea was to remove the need of having to have 15 different platforms for everything from calendars, CRM, messaging, websites, funnels, email marketing, project management, to invoicing, etc.

Kyrios takes all of those things and puts them in one place.

Have you ever wondered how much simpler things could be?

Imagine what it would look like if all of your customers and prospects were in one place. The same place you could provide service, market to them, invoice them, send proposals or estimates as needed, schedule appointments with them.

Now imagine if that same place is where your website is, your sales funnels are, where you can post to all social media at once, and you can even track all the important metrics on your dashboard easily so you know what's working and what isn't.

Now, finally, imagine if you could add project management workflows, create automations that reduce the the time spent on mundane tasks, and even track what your staff is working on at any point.

That's Kyrios. All built around the central idea that as a business, customers and prospects go through a journey with you and you must make each step of the process easier and more smooth to keep them coming back.

But There Are 2 More Problems

Problem 1: The Cost Problem

One of the things we see regularly is a problem with how other companies charge. Most platforms these days have one or more of 3 types of charges that stack on top of each other.

The Per User Charge - This is where they want to charge you for every single employee, contractor, VA, assistant, or whomever else you need to be able to use it. While some platform that charges you $97/mo doesn't sound bad up front, by the time you get to 5 people on your team, your're now at $500/mo. As you grow, you are penalized financially because you are growing.

The Per Contact Charge - Many platforms charge you based on the number of contacts you have listed in your system (whether you are doing anything with them or not). 500 contacts for $50/mo doesn't sound all that bad initially, but when you start paying $150/mo for 1,500, $300/mo for 2,500, and more as you continue to grow, it can add up quickly.

The Usage Charge - This is where they charge you fees based on your usage. There are many platforms that charge you based on the number of emails you send out, SMS messages sent, phone calls made, etc. While this is perfectly reasonable (after all you are using it therefore paying for it), the problem here is that many companies charge this based on tiers. In other words, spending $100/mo to be able to send out 1,500 SMS messages doesn't sound that bad, but what if you only ACTUALLY send out 50? What if you need to send out 1,501 that month? You have to upgrade your plan to a higher level and pay more every month.

Problem 2: The Build-Out Problem

Let's face it...very little of what you buy these days comes even close to ready to use right out of the box. Steep learning curves on how to use these platforms added to the fact that you may not know everything about how to build a good funnel, landing page, send the right kinds of emails, etc. just increases this problem exponentially.

The solution most people end up going for is hiring some outsourcer to do it for them. But that can get EXPENSIVE fast.

  • According to The Funnel Teacher, a very basic funnel can cost as little as $1,000, but can go up to as much as $50,000 or more depending on the complexity.

  • According to Email Vendor Selection, the average cost for building and maintaining a nurture campaign for email marketing is around $2,500 per month.

  • According to Upwork, the average cost for building a quality lead magnet is $1,000

  • According to SMA, the average cost to build a workflow automation can be as low as $500 to as much as $30,000 each depending on the complexity.

This is Why We Created Business-In-A-Box

To Help Simplify Business For You Even More

Everything You Need

From customer tracking to invoicing, social media to email marketing, messaging to project management, Kyrios offers what you need when you need it to save time and money.

All In One Spot

Kyrios has combined all of your major needs into one platform to ensure that there is no more going here to there to everywhere just to get something that you need done.

To Grow Your Business

Growing a business is about more than just generating new leads. It is also about optimizing your processes and making sure nothing falls through the cracks. Kyrios excels at this.

But Wait, That's Not All...

Remember Those Problems We Discussed?

Here is how we help you fix them...

Transparent Pricing

Data is cheap these days. We do not charge any per user fees or per contact charges. Our cost is a flat monthly rate per location. You pay only one fee, regardless of how many employees, customers, or prospects you have. Because of the flexibility of the platform that includes email, SMS messaging, and even VOIP phone service if you need it, you simply pay for what you use, when you use it IF you go over the credits we give you each month. (Emails, for example, are $0.00135) If you're not using it, you never pay for it. That's about as fair as we can get.

Pre-Built Funnels

Start generating leads faster with pre-built funnels that are ready to add your logo and company info to.

Customizable Lead Magnet

Start generating leads faster with pre-built funnels that are ready to add your logo and company info to.

2 Years of Nurture

Not everyone is ready to buy right now. 96 emails and 24 text messages written for your business will get them there.

Custom Workflows

Time is what most people don't have. We built customized workflows just to help you recapture much of it.

Right Now You Have Two Choices

Kyrios Platform

The Kyrios platform offers total flexibility for your business. From simplifying lead generation and sales to helping you manage day-to-day operations, Kyrios is your partner in business growth. The Kyrios platform has 3 levels that allow you to control how much help you want and need. With plans starting as low as $297/month, it will fit any budget.


The complete Business-In-A-Box is much more than getting off to a great start for your business. It has tens of thousands of dollars worth of Done For You services built directly into the platform.

With the Business-In-A-Box program, you start with the basic Kyrios platform and everything is installed for you.

Business-In-A-Box Contains

AI Booking/Sales Bot

Harness the Power of Conversational Sales AI for Your Business

A $25,000 Value

AI that actually converts

Kyrios AI delivers big results

  • Our AI has 209% higher response rates than boring follow up & outreach.

  • 40% increase in booking rates through our well-informed sales trained bots.

  • 129% increase in deals closed by adding our AI to your business

  • Experience an 82% increase pipeline velocity, so you can focus on your core services

We have made it easy and accessible for you to plug in an incredibly smart robot to start following up with leads, book appointments, and turn them into customers. The AI bot uses the same intelligence as ChatGPT and works alongside you to engage every incoming lead. It attends to every inquiry your leads at scale, in real-time with personalized human-like, two-way conversations over SMS and any other chat services.

Get an incredible value boost by filling your calendars, increasing your productivity, and skyrocketing your sales quotas... Without having to spend any time learning new skills, training new hiring, or working harder.

🌟 Experience the Revolution – Try It for Free!

Don't just take our word for it. This will blow your mind with the possibilities. We want you to try it out before you even consider the Business-In-A-Box!

Each Bot is Custom Programmed for Your Business

  • The bot will scan your website (or even that of a competitor) and find just the right messaging for your business

  • Expand the bot with Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you have regular objections, those can be added to help your bot learn

  • If you have pricing or rates, you can add that to the bot to discuss with your prospects

  • Give the bot your qualifying questions to pre-qualify your leads

A Fully Integrated Suite

The bot can be set to automatically reply or you can turn it on any conversation! It can integrate with:

  • Email

  • SMS

  • Google Business Profile

  • Facebook

  • Instagram


The Business-In-A-Box Contains 2 Funnels

A $15,000 Value

Funnel 1

Funnel #1 is dynamic. The logo and colors will pull automatically from the values input when your account is setup.

The Primary target of Funnel 1 is getting people to book service calls, satisfaction reviews, and collecting referrals.

Funnel 2

Funnel #2 is static, meaning that the logo and colors can always be changed, but they do not change by default.

Similar to Funnel 1, the primary target of Funnel 2 is getting people to book service calls, satisfaction reviews, and collecting referrals in a different style. This makes it easy to run traffic to more than one offer for multiple types of lead generation.

Each Funnel Contains

  • Primary Landing Page

  • Appointment Booking Page

  • Thank You Page

  • Consultation Page

  • Unsubscribe Page

  • Appointment Result Page for Technicians

  • Contact Information Update Page

  • Service Satisfaction Review Survey

  • Referral Page

Lead Magnet

The Business-In-A-Box Contains a Customizable Lead Magnet

A $1,000 Value

Lead Magnets are a perfect way to capture contact information in order to market your products and services.

We have created a Lead Magnet for you that will entice your market to give you their information and the best part is that it is attached to the nurture campaign that we built for you already.

You will receive a pdf copy of the lead magnet that is ready to go. If you would like to add your logo and company information to it, we also provide you with the Canva template to make it easy to add whatever you would like.

2-Year Nurture Campaign

The Business-In-A-Box Contains an In-Depth Nurture Campaign

A $10,000 Value

96 Emails and 24 SMS Messages

Not everyone who will become a customer will do so immediately. That is a given in business.

Often, it takes people time to get to know you, trust you, and like you. That is exactly what the 2-year nurture campaign is designed to do.

With tips, tricks, ideas, and more, these are packed with value leaving no question that you are the expert in your field!

The nurture campaign is built to create the credibility and authority that customers need to be able to trust you with their business.

Workflow Automations

The Business-In-A-Box Contains Loads of Automations

A $30,000 Value

Making Your Life Easier

  • Nurture Inbound Leads Into Appointments

  • Appointment Confirmation And Reminders

  • Call/Appt Disposition Updates

  • Canceled Or No-Show Appointment Automation

  • Stale Leads Tracking

  • Follow-up Date Reminders

  • Smart Contact Replied Alerts

  • Database Reactivation Workflows

  • List Management

  • Invoicing Workflows (Sent & Paid)

  • Review And Referral Workflows

  • 2-Year Nurture Sequence With Pre-written Emails and Texts (96 emails plus 24 text messages)

  • Auto Text - Chat Widget

  • Auto Text - FB Messenger

  • Auto Text - Google Business Profile

  • Auto Text - Instagram

  • Auto Text - Missed Call

  • Happy Birthday

  • Hard Bounce Recovery

  • And more...

The flexibility of the Kyrios platform allows you the ability to create automations for many of your needs from customer follow-ups to project management workflows.

24/7 Live Chat Support

Support Is There When You Need It


24/7 Live Chat Support

While many platforms boast having chat support, many of them are not live or tend to have very long wait times. We know that when you need something, you need it now so we offer support live chat support that is not only much faster than average, but also allows the ability for you to hop on a Zoom with one of our support representatives if chat just isn't getting you the help you need.

Support and Training Suite

While we have the live chat support available, sometimes you may just want to read up or watch a quick video on how to do things. Our ever-growing support portal allows for just that. There are hundreds of articles and videos on how to do a wide variety of things. This gives you the education and help you need while also helping you with ideas of how to use the platform in ways that will save your business time and money.

Business-In-A-Box Cost

If you were to buy all of this separately, you would spend...

Well over $81,000

But our goal is different...

We're not just about making a dollar. We are about helping as many businesses as we can be more successful and competitive in their market.

Your Price: $56,000 + $2,997 per month

Only: $597 per month


To Get Business-In-A-Box for $0 when you sign up for the Kyrios Platform!

Yes, This Page Was Built Using Kyrios. We practice what we preach.