Veterans as Entrepreneurs

November 15, 20222 min read

Military veterans make great entrepreneurs! Training that they received and the skills that are learned while serving our country’s military needs provides veterans with some advantages that others may not have. Learning to adapt to a business environment outside of the military is a difficult transition for some, but is doable. There are programs available to veterans to making the changes necessary to survive in the world of entrepreneurship.

Veterans as Entrepreneurs Skill Sets not limited to:

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Working with Limited Resources

  • Commitment to Succeed

  • Managing Risk

  • Team Work

High Potential Skill Set Needs, May Include but not Limited to:

  • Leadership Skills Outside of the Military

  • Public Relations

  • Multifaceted Factors of Marketing

  • How to Overcome Problems Facing Today’s Business Environment

The problem for veterans is learning to adapt to civilian means of survival in the world of business. For some it maybe just polishing up what they have used with just a few changes. For others to become successful entrepreneurs learning the ends and outs of successful business practices is a must! There are methods that are not learned in colleges that can distinguish you from just an entrepreneur to a thriving entrepreneur. Is this not what veterans want? It is not only what they want but what they deserve having put their selves out there for our country.

One great source for veterans seeking to become entrepreneurs is the Small Business Administration. They can help to guide you in the steps you will need to take to get your business up and running as far as finances and possible grants. They have a network of people to help with obtaining possible government contracts for specific items and services.

Take a look at the number of veteran owned and operated businesses in the U.S. currently. It is astounding just how many are making the choice to become their own boss. It takes work and more work to be successful and nobody knows this better than veterans who have already survived great adversity both mentally and physically.

Work on the high potential skill sets will definitely increase your chances for success. It does not have to be a formal college degree. These do not prepare you for all the skills due to a lack of the basics in business survival. For learning the skills necessary to operate a successful business in today’s fast paced, highly competitive environment, Entrepreneur University is a great choice. Go ahead now and check out what they can offer you as a veteran with a need to succeed!

“Skill is only developed by hours and hours of work.” – Usain Bolt

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