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Grow Your Business

By Growing Your Knowledge

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Are You Losing Sales To Competition?

April 22, 16823 min read

In the past, reputation was mostly formed by word of mouth. Today, reputation is firmly grounded in Google searches, online reviews, and social mentions. It is the new word of mouth business.

With the vast majority of purchase decisions happening online, your business’ reputation can make or break you. Actively growing and managing a positive reputation helps you compete, succeed and better focus on what you do best.

People (at least 91% of them) read reviews before they make a decision to make a purchase. It’s the pivotal step of the customer’s journey, and without a positive online reputation, people won’t trust you enough to buy from you.

The Yellow Pages Is Dead

When is the last time you actually looked in a phone book?

What does that mean for you? Lost sales. Here’s how you can increase your reputation and sales immediately.

People Are Looking For You Every Day. The Question Is...Can They Find You?

If they find you, what do they see? Today, it’s not just about an amazing website. They have to get there first. It’s not just about SEO. People want to know about you before they ever get to your website.

  • What are other people saying about you?

  • What kind of PR are you getting online?

  • Where are all of your raving fans and promoters?

  • What kind of experiences did others have?

The statistic that says 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation is staggering. Think about it…The vast majority of people will trust that as much as a referral from their own mother!

What Do People See When They Find You?

losing sales

Who Would You Call First?

It’s not about being on the list. You know, as a business owner, it’s usually about being called first. As long as you don’t mess it up, you can close the deal.

The problem comes when you’re not the one they call. You don’t get the chance to tell them how you can help them and wow them with your offer.

By getting the call, you have leads and sales. If not, you’re dead in the water.

Is your online reputation (or lack of one) along with the missing testimonials and PR setting you up for failure?

Key Factors:

  • Average star rating

  • Total number of reviews

  • Review frequency

  • Review age

  • Average rating across multiple sites

  • Responses to negative reviews

  • Overall sentiment

If They're Not Seeing Other People Saying Good Things About You, You're Losing Business.

In today’s economy, small businesses have to compete on a much larger scale than they did 20 years ago. In the old days, you could hang the proverbial shingle and business would come in. Not anymore.

Now, with the internet, the phone book is dead. People don’t use it anymore to look for someone to do business with, they search the net. This has drastically increased the amount of competition (at least perceptually) in the market. Most of our PR is now online as well.

For a business to compete within their market, there has to be more than just a great product. They must also have visibility and advocates. Visibility is relatively easy with marketing and a website. Advocates on the other hand tend to be much more difficult.

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